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Layout of project study report

  1. Cover Page
    • First 5 pages are attached for your reference
  2. Table of Contents (Index)
  3. Project Report summary (Just 1 -2 pages)
  4. Details of the project study
    • Introduction (of the topic chosen by the candidate. Sample list of projects is attached for your reference)
    • Aims, Objective & scope of the project study
    • Review of literature
    • Methodology (questioner/Interview/drug/insulin/ultrasound/any investigations performed)
    • Findings, Observation (in tabular form) & Analysis (It will be backbone of the study)
    • Discussions with inferences & interpretations
    • Suggestions & recommendation with detailed justification
  5. Area of further study
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. List of abbreviation (used in the project)
  8. Bibliography
  9. Annexure (Charts, graphs, sketcher, circulars will be in)

* For your attention. Read the following carefully

♦ Total project report approximately 100.
♦ Project has to be submited by 1st week of June for June Batch and 1st week of December for Januarary Batch.
♦ Hard bound project has to be submitted.
♦ We require to register your guide with the university. So kindly send us the scan copies of his/her degrees as early as possible so we can mail you the approval number of the guide.
♦ You need to identify a guide near your locality of practice.
♦ Signature and seal of the Guide are must.
♦ Screen printing is must.

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